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10 Event Booking Tips

Posted by Angela Christian on Feb 21, 2017 3:00:00 PM
Angela Christian

Girl with a brilliant event-planning idea!Planning events is hard, so we've decided to share our top ten event booking tips to help turn you into an event booking master. 


1. Know the Goal of Your Event

The goal of your event should guide every decision you make. Ex. Want to facilitate conversation? Go with round tables instead of long.  

2. Start Early

Everything always takes a lot longer than we imagine. If you start planning your event early you have a better shot at booking the venue you want and saving yourself a lot of stress.

3. Know your Budget

Be honest with yourself regarding your budget and what are must haves. If you really want a photo booth maybe you go with passed appetizers instead of a sit down meal. The worst thing is to get your heart set on a venue that is out of your price range, be honest up front about what you can spend.

4. Communicate with Stakeholders

Stakeholders are anyone planning the event with you or who have a say in the event. Keeping these lines of communication open and constant will ensure everyone’s opinions are heard and responsibilities are correctly delegated.  

5. Understand Your Venue Needs  

Knowing the goal of your event will help you understand what you need out of your venue. Do you need a DJ area? Audio hook-up? Knowing these things allows you to rule out venues that won't fit your needs.

6. Send Multiple Requests

Your favorite venue might not be available at your requested time or date. Sending multiple requests ensures you have options but also that you have negotiating room with the venue you ultimately choose.

7. Read your Contract Thoroughly (Understand All the Ins and Outs)

Life happens and things may have to change with your event. Ensure you understand the ins and outs of your contract, especially how payment and any cancellation/updates to event details will be handled. This will save you headaches if 5 people decide to bring plus 1’s at the last minute.  

8. Know the Needs of Your Guests (Dietary, Handicap Accessible, etc) 

The last thing you want is one of your guests to feel uncomfortable at your event because a required need is not met. Communicate with your guests early on and make sure you understand if any of them need special accommodations. 

9. Keep Communication Lines with the Venue Manager Open

Don’t just book your venue and forget about it. Communicate with the venue manager a few times prior to your event to ensure everything is still good to go, they are meeting all your needs and they have any updated information regarding the event or your guests' needs.

10. Make Sure the Venue is a Central Location for Your Guests

This isn’t always possible but if all of your guests are driving to the event make sure there is parking. If your event is in a city, make sure it is located next to a public transportation stop. Make it your event easily accessible for your guests or arrange some type of group transportation (from a hotel for example).


Now that you know the tips, go ahead and book your next event. 


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Happy Booking!

Team VenueBook 


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