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11 Great Wine and Food Pairing Suggestions

Posted by Angela Christian on Nov 17, 2016 10:30:00 AM
Angela Christian

Here at VenueBook we like to eat and we like to drink wine, a lot.  However, sometimes we find it hard to get our food and wine pairings correct.  To make our friends think we are more sophisticated we reached out to the wine guy, Tony Gallo and his daughter Christina Carman to help us put together a few great wine and food pairing suggestions for the holiday season.  Since, my cooking skills stop at avocado toast, the pairings below are for “small bites”.  But if we are being honest it is really all about the wine.     

Two red wine glasses and a decanter   eVineyard

When you like it hot (Reds)

  • When you have Thanksgiving leftovers and want wine:
    • Pinot Noir, France or California + “thanksgiving cubano” with roast turkey, grain mustard, gruyere and cranberry sauce
  • When you need dessert but want to feel healthy:
    • Syrah, California + dark chocolate truffles with chili-salt
  • When you need to bring a dish to someone's house but can’t cook:
    • Rioja, Spain + manchego crostini with artichoke caponata


two glasses of white wineModern Military Man

When you like it cool (Whites)

  • When you want pizza but want also to be fancy:
    • Sancerre, France + potato and leek flatbread with goat cheese
  • When it is cold outside and you need to keep warm:
    • Gruner Veltliner,Germany + butternut squash, carrot and ginger soup
  • When your mom forced you to take Thanksgiving leftovers:
    • Riesling, Germany + turkey, brie and cranberry puffs


two glasses of rose and strawberries  The Telegraph

When you are in a never ending summer (Rosé)

  • When you want a turkey dish with more flavor:
    • California Rosé, California + citrus and herb roasted turkey bites with parsley pesto
  • When you love fruit and cheese:
    • French Rosé, France + blackberry, goat cheese, and sage crostini


new glasses of champagne Raise Your Spirits

When you want to Sparkle (Sparkling):

  • When you are more of a savory dessert person:
    • Champagne, France + bleu cheese with rosemary-honey
  • When you are feeling pinterest inspired:
    • Cava, Spain + warm baked brie with cranberries and lemon zest
  • When you are single AF and celebrating yourself:
    • Prosecco, Italy + vanilla gelato with apple-cinnamon compote

If you find yourself in the Boston area, please find the wine guy.  He is sure to impress your friends with all his knowledge and help you move from 2 buck chuck to a more refined palette overnight.  



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