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2017 VenueBook Recap

Posted by Angela Christian on Dec 12, 2017 12:00:00 PM
Angela Christian

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Wow! It’s hard to believe that 2017 is wrapping up, it seems like this year has gone by so fast and so slow at the same time. We’ve been working hard in 2017 to make digital event booking both simpler and faster. Since we’ve done a lot this year, you might have missed a few updates and releases to the platform. I’ve provided a quick VenueBook recap below of our favorite releases below.  


  1. ExpressBook: YOU make the proposal. We flipped the events industry on its head with this one. Rather than a venue manager sending you a proposal, you send one to them. Fill out all your event details, pick your food and beverage options (or save that for later) and send that information off the venue manager to improve. We’ve cut down on the back and forth so you can get back time to focus on what’s important - the afterparty.
  2. Save For Later! & Ask a Question: We heard you! You aren’t necessarily always ready to commit right away to a venue. Sometimes we aren’t as trigger happy with booking an event as we are with purchasing that new blouse. So we added in save for later and ask a question to our ExpressBook Flow. Not quite ready to submit the proposal? Want to share it with others? That’s cool - fill out your event details and rather than submit, hit save for later and you’ll get an email with all the details of your event.  Need to ask the venue manager a few questions before you submit? That’s cool too - you can send a question off to the venue manager once you fill out your event details. No more stressing about having to hit “submit” - we are giving you the options you asked for!
  3. Concierge Service: Have you heard? We have a concierge service! They are here to do all the heavy lifting for you. Give them your key event details and let them handle the rest of the work. Once they’ve found you some great venue options they’ll reach back out and share the information with you. You always have the final say.
  4. Resource Center: We know planning events is tricky and we wouldn’t be working towards our goal of making this process easier if we didn’t share our knowledge. Dive into our e-book that provides you with the A-Z knowledge of planning our events or download our questions to ask a venue manager before signing a proposal.
  5. Venue Profile Page & Seach Page: Our site got a face lift! We redesigned our search and venue profile page. We heard you when you said search is a bit confusing, so we made it easier to use. As for our venue profile page, we are now giving you more information like location, vibe and reviews!
  6. Dashboard: This one is for all the venue managers out there. We made it much easier to view and accept your leads in early 2017. Dashboard is more concise and easier to use, meaning you save time on finding leads and spend more time selling them.


Have ideas for how VenueBook can better serve you in 2018? Let us know! Drop a comment below or e-mail!  We are hard at working planning 2018 and want to hear what you’d love to see.

Happy Booking!

Team VenueBook

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