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3 Ways To Take Your Client Dinner To The Next Level

Posted by Angela Christian on Jan 20, 2017 12:00:00 PM
Angela Christian

Client dinners are great until you start attending mutliple client dinners a week; at that point they start to get boring really fast. Also, clients are constantly being wined and dined by multiple partners and vendors and it is hard to make your dinner stand out. So I've put together my top three tips to take your client dinner to the next level.  

Add an alcohol pairing to the meal

Red wine paired with a steak dish

The typical dinner revolves around individuals ordering their drink or choise or shared bottles of wine amongst the table. However, alcohol pairings are a way to bring your dinner to the next level. The right wine, beer or cocktail paired with your foods makes you wonder why you ever tried to pick your own drink. It also offers a fun way to find new drinks you might not have considered before. 


Cook Together

group of people cooking a meal together

One of my favorite client activities always revoled around cooking together (under instruction of course). Cooking is a great way to get active with your clients, learn a new skill, bond and facilitate great conversation. Everyone can celebrate and talk about the meal they created while you enjoy the fruits of your labor. A spin on the traditional "cooking class" involves having your group go on a scanvenger hunt to find the ingredients before being able to cook your meal.  



group dining together

If you want to spice up your typical happy hour or dinner then include a game of trivia. It's a great addition if you are serving heavy appetizers or want to allow your guests to linger and have fun post dinner. People can segment themselves into teams (or you can pick the teams) and enjoy an after dinner cocktail or coffee. 


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We'd love to hear your ideas for making your clients dinners stand out. Please share your tips in our comments section.  

Happy Booking! 

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