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4 Great Holiday Party Themes

Posted by Lyssa Test on Oct 19, 2017 3:00:00 PM
Lyssa Test

Trying to host an unforgettable holiday party? Picking the right theme can help get your group into the holiday spirit. We’ve rounded up a few great holiday party themes that will be sure to impress your guests at your annual company holiday party.

Coworkers celebrating at a company holiday party

Great Gatsby / Roaring 20s

Channel your inner Leo and raise your glass to celebrate a great year. Greet your guests with a champagne tower at the door and dance the night away with your own Jazz band. The venue can really make or break this theme, so opt for a dimly lit speakeasy/lounge for the backdrop of your event.


James Bond / Las Vegas

Dress to kill for a truly sexy and unforgettable evening. Rent blackjack and roulette tables so let your guests kick back and maybe even leave a winner. Your signature cocktail should be a martini--shaken, never stirred. Complete the look with a James Bond themed photo booth and you’ve got yourself an evening fit for an international spy.


90s Theme

Stock up on neon and scrunchies and bump up the boombox. Set up a candy bar with all your classic favs like pop rocks, fun dip, and ring pops.  Whip out the Carlton and you’ll be sure to be crowned the fresh prince of the dancefloor.

Winter Wonderland

Set up some dramatic blue theme lighting to set the scene with dangling snowflakes. If you’re feeling extra, organize an ice sculpture of the company logo (for those interested, you can get scupltures with alcohol in them). For a more wholesome evening, set up a hot cocoa bar and end the night with warm cookies and milk.

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