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5 Tools Everyone Planning Events Should Use

Posted by Angela Christian on Feb 15, 2017 10:00:00 AM
Angela Christian


Every event, no matter the size, has a lot of details to keep track of and a lot of decisions to make in order for the event to be successful. If event planning is not your full time job, then you have to balance keeping track of these event details/decisions with the rest of your responsibilities. To help make sure everything is on track for your events (and nothing slips through the cracks) we are sharing our four favorite tools to help keep you organized and sane while planning your event. 

  1. Trello/Google Docs: Organization is key. With multiple people involved in the planning and execution of an event you want to be sure you have a place to keep everyone organized. Apps like Trello or Google Docs ensures everyone is held accountable for their tasks and allows group leaders to track a task's progress. Keeping everyone on task and organized will help alleviate undue stress in the event planning stage.
  2. Evite: Every great event starts with a great invitation. E-vite is the perfect place to put together your digital invitation as well as get party ideas. The best part is you can create your own invitations from scratch or choose from hundreds of free options. If you are looking to get more customized you can upgrade to their premium version as well.
  3. Slack/Group Chat: Let’s face it, e-mail chains are annoying and cumbersome. I’ve spent hours scouring my inbox trying to find the right email regarding an event and praying the e-mail I click on actually contains the details I’m looking for. Group Chat apps like Slack allow for better communication and the ability to keep all details pertaining to an event in one place. Now instead of everyone trying to search their inbox for e-mails or keeping up with 5 different e-mail chains you can invite everyone into one channel, specific to the event, where all communication can live. It’s easy and makes talking with your team a lot easier.
  4. All Seated: Seating charts are often the most difficult part of any event. At weddings, you can’t sit Aunt Sally next to Aunt Debbie because they’ve been in a fight for ten years. For corporate events, you have to ensure you are seating the correct people with each other to facilitate conversation and push your agenda. All Seated allows for you to collaborate in real time to put together a digital seating chart. One of the best perks is if you have unexpected guest show up at your event you can check the app and figure out quickly where to place them.
  5. Buster: Arranging transportation for your event has never been easier with Buster. Buster allows you to instantly discover, compare, and seamlessly book your transportation in 3 quick steps. With a variety of options, Buster is sure to have a solution for all your transportation needs. 

Bonus: VenueBook

VenueBook’s goal is to make events easy. We help bring bookers and venue managers together in one place to simplify the events industry. If you are looking to plan your next event and need a unique venue, private dining room, raw space, etc definitely check out our list of over 800 venues across New York City, San Francisco, Chicago and D.C.

Now that we've shared the tools everyone planning events should use we'd love to hear what tools help keep you organized. Share your favorites in the comments below and to book your next event with VenueBook click below. 


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Happy Booking!

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