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5 Best Event Planning Blogs

Posted by Gabrielle Ricci on May 1, 2017 12:30:00 PM
Gabrielle Ricci
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If you regularly plan events, or even if you don't, then you know there's always a lot of pressure on the event host/coordinator. People are counting on you to not only host a successful event (potentially measured by fundraising goals or closing certain deals), but also they are counting on you to make it fun. 

I've complied a list of the top 5 best event planning blogs to read for all things events. If you need inspiration or ideas, or you're struggling to figure out how to market your events, these blogs can help.

Quick FYI: these are in no particular order. 

A corporate presentation at a private event



I should start by saying that BizBash isn't really a "blog." Think of BizBash as a media site catered towards event planning, helping you find venues and event suppliers, and much more. This site will definitely keep you updated on events while also giving you ideas on how to branch out and kick things up a notch. 


Technology has found a variety of ways to seep into our lifestyle and routines. It's even finding its place in the events industry. EventTechBrief is pushing out content that dives into how tech can add another layer to events and the way humans interact throughout events. From tradeshows to conferences, event technology is advancing the way we plan, host and execute events. 


Convene is the blog for PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association) so you already know it's a good one. The cool part about this blog is the way the categories are divided. The logistics tabs is especially useful is you have questions concerning budgeting or dietary restrictions. Explore some of the other tabs for insights on technology, venues and guest experience.

Bizzabo Blog

Bizzabo divides their blog into 7 categories: event management, event marketing, event engagement, business, geeks and updates. Personally, and I might be a little biased here, I really enjoy the event marketing tab. Even if your main interest isn't event marketing, Bizzabo still has a variety of content ranging from event trends to event gamification.

The Meeting Pool

The Meeting Pool provides an abundance of resources pertaining to events and event technology. The site also provides download links to infographics, white papers and an eBook. You'll find yourself reading for hours with the amount of information this site has to offer. 

Shameless Plug: VenueBook 

Well, you made it here somehow. So you must like our content. We try our best to offer a variety of content about events, event managers and our venue partners. Learn how to transform raw spaces, pick a beverage package, find catering and determine the budget for your event. We are well-aware that not everybody planning events is an event planner. Because of that, we aim to provide knowledge to those who aren't familiar with industry trends and terminology. 

We also have an amazing Resource Center with checklists and guides. Click below to check it out!  

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