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5 Great Team Building Activities

Posted by Angela Christian on Sep 18, 2017 1:00:00 PM
Angela Christian

People during a cooking class, making pasta and shucking corn

One of the best ways to help a team bond is through some sort of activity or shared experience. Now, some people opt for the favorite “trust fall” activity, but frankly, I don’t trust people that much so I’m going to give you 5 team building activities that won’t leave you falling hard if your teammates gets distracted.

Scavenger Hunt

This activity is great for any size team but I found it particularly useful when bonding teams that don’t work in the same city or don’t work together day in and day out. During one of our offsites, teams from our three cities, San Francisco, Chicago and Boston, were all divided up and sent on a scavenger hunt through Chicago. To be honest, I didn’t really know anyone on my team but it was great way to get to know different people as well as see the city.  

Community Service

Community service is one of my favorite activities for team bonding. Every year our team did some type of community service during what was called “Google-serve month”. The great thing was we usually picked an activity that interested all of us and we were able to bond over giving back, learning something new and even meeting some colleagues outside of our division.

Escape the Room

Is there a better way to test your team's ability to stay cool under pressure than Escape the Room? It’s a place where tempers can fly, frustration can cause fights and victory is incredibly sweet. Warning, only do this if you think your team has the personality for it. We warned you, things could get ugly.



Trivia takes the typical happy hour up a notch. What could be more fun then your team fighting it out against the rest of the bar on “Harry Potter Trivia Night?”. If your team is really big, then you can do your own internal trivia and break up into teams with the winning team getting bragging rights until the next match.


Apple Picking/Bake Off

Since (sadly) fall is shortly upon on us, I had to include a fall activity here. Get the team together to go apple picking (and even include the families) and then do a bake off. Find out who is the best baker amongst the group. But does it really matter if at the end you all get to eat apple crisp with warm vanilla ice-cream?

I’d love to hear any other activities you’ve done with your team, feel free to leave ideas in the comments below. If you are looking for additional tips and tricks on event planning, definitely check out our resources section. 


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