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5 Tips for Planning a Successful Summer Company Outing

Posted by Angela Christian on Jun 15, 2017 1:30:00 PM
Angela Christian


Although the weather has been pretty dreary here on the east coast, the calendar tells us that summer is approaching (even if mother nature doesn’t agree). That means that along with rooftops and outdoor movies also comes the company summer outing. Planning the summer outing can be a stressful event so we are here to provide our 5 tips for a great summer company outing.

  1. Get Outside: The worst part about the nice weather is being cooped up in the office all day. Plan something outside so that the team gets to enjoy the outdoors on a work day :).
  2. Ask for help: Take a survey of co-workers to see what they’d like to do this summer. The pressure doesn’t all have to be on you, let your co-workers give you direction as to what they would enjoy and use that input to plan the event.
  3. Invite Families: One of the best parts about the Google summer party every year was seeing everyone’s families. With your work and personal lives more and more intertwined it’s great to be able to spend time with your co-workers and get to know their families. It also made the day less about the booze and more about fun activities (don’t worry we still had plenty of booze).
  4. Give Options: Sometimes one size does not fit all. If you find that your company has a large disparity in what everyone would like to do, think about planning smaller more intimate outings. You could give people the option of 5 outings (cooking class, water park, etc) and let them choose for themselves which one they’d like to go to. While this option doesn’t have everyone all at the same place it does provide more intimate bonding at the smaller events.
  5. Games!: The only thing better than being outside drinking during the workday is playing outdoor games. You can rent a ton of fun games like giant chess, checkers, corn hole and much more. These games get everyone moving and interacting with each other in a fun way!


So there you have it, our favorite tips for a successful summer company outing. If you have any tips you’ve come across please leave them in the comments. If you need a venue for your summer outing, click the button below and check out all our great venues.

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