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Advantages of VenueBook

Posted by Gabrielle Ricci on Mar 22, 2018 12:26:00 PM
Gabrielle Ricci
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New York City SkylineThere are a lot of sites out there that are working to digitize the events industry. Event planning processes used to be quite archaic and things are finally starting to turn around. When you're weighing your options, consider some of the advantages VenueBook has to offer.

1. Venue and Lead Qualification

We use advanced filters, real-time availability and upfront pricing to make sure clients know all about your venue. On the flip side, this also means that you only receive requests from highly interested clients!

2. Real-Time Availability 

Your time is important so you shouldn't be spending it on leads for dates when you're unavailable. Our calendar sync features allow us to provide your real-time availability to clients. Now you'll only receive leads for open dates.

3. PCI Compliment Payments

We use Stripe to process credit card payments. Before launching a venue on our site, we require a verified Stripe account. You can process payments securely and almost instantly without having to worry about tracking down payments. 

4. Concierge Team

Our dedicated Concierge Team will make sure clients know what they need prior to reaching out. If a client decides to use Concierge, our team will make sure they end up at the venue that perfectly fits their event. 

5. Customizable Online Contracts

The proposal editor in our software is a dynamic feature that cuts down on time spent on proposal creation. We upload your menus so that you can choose from a dropdown when assembling proposals.

6. Messaging

Say goodbye to sifting through old emails to find out what a client said. With our messaging tool, all of your communication with a prospective client happens in one thread.

7. And More! 

Want to find out how you can get started on VenueBook? Click the button below and one of our Sales Team members will reach out to you! 

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