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Best Winter Getaways Outside of the City

Posted by Gabrielle Ricci on Dec 15, 2017 10:00:00 AM
Gabrielle Ricci
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Well, winter has finally reached the city. We've experienced our second snow, MTA continues to struggle with all kinds of weather conditions and the winter markets are flooded with tourists that seem like they don't know the NYC walking pace. This is it. 

Even though the city lights up in the winter (in my personal opinion), we all need a little time away. If you need a weekend without polluted air, there are tons of beautiful places outside of the city that can help you recharge your batteries. Pack your bags and head to some of the best winter getaways outside of the city.

1. Washington, Connecticut 

The Grace Mayflower

I recently read an article on that talks about the connection between this town and Stars Hallow, the magical town from Gilmore Girls. Naturally, it had to make the list. The Grace Mayflower Inn is rather expensive, but it's still worth it to check it out. Even if you can't stay here, you can still enjoy this quaint town and add a lot of great photos to your Instagram feed. The best part? It's only a 2 hour car ride away! 

2. New Paltz, NY

New Paltz,

Look at this picture. Now, imagine the trees covered with snow. Woah. Take a 90 minute drive outside of the city for a weekend filled with relaxation in New Paltz, NY. If you're the artsy type, you'll love the DM Weil Gallery. If you prefer the outdoors, you can hike the trails and the Shawangunk Mountains. Looking for some romance? Get cozy at the Village TeaRoom with your love interest after a day filled with adventure. 

3. Stowe, Vermont

The slopes in Stowe,

If you don't mind the drive and you've been gifted with a long weekend, Stowe, Vermont needs to be on your list. Known for its slopes and trails, Stowe is the place for the adrenaline junkie in your life. Hit the slopes at Stowe Mountain Resort to get your fix. For those of us that rather chill for the weekend, you can browse the cute boutiques or relax at the lodge. And since everyone loves ice cream (even in the cold), you can take a quick trip Waterbury to visit the Ben & Jerry's Factory

Get packing and start planning your next adventure!

Peace and Chicken Grease,


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