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'Tis the season! Why Planning A Holiday Party Now is Smart.

Posted by Marketing Team on Aug 17, 2015 3:31:14 PM

This is the ideal time to organize a holiday party for winter 2015.

Here are 7 advantages to booking and planning a holiday party now:

1. Savings on space: Booking and planning before the holiday rush can be financially rewarding. Prices often go up as demand increases, in every area of planning. Get a deposit in now with the venue you really want, and lock in the best prices for the 2015 winter season!

2. Availability for all: The math is simple. Bookings for venues, performers, caterers and transportation start to roll in during autumn. Just before Thanksgiving, the demand spikes and the best spaces will fill up fast. The sooner you book, the more likely you'll secure the spot you have your eye on! 

3. View potential spaces during slow time: Booking in summer gives you the chance to visit event spaces in person when schedules are less rushed for venue managers. See all the rooms and discuss potential details during a low-traffic hour of the day. Ask the venue manager to suggest some quiet times, so that you can ask questions with no time crunch.

4. Deck the halls affordably: A tip for just after your 2015 party. If you're planning to host an annual soiree, buy your decorations for next year's party just after this year's holiday season, and store them neatly...they'll be more than half off!

5. Time to arrange with vendors: Like venue managers, you can take time with vendors and suppliers to choose and pre-order favors, prizes, swag, decor, food, entertainment and more, during slow season. Save on shipping and rush charges, and make your planning experience a relaxed collaboration!

6. Save the dates, and RSVPs in time: If your guests are anything like me, they'll plan holiday party attendance and nights out based on the invites they receive. By December, inboxes and event listings will be flooded with competing options. Boost attendance at your party by sending a save the date early. Then send the official invitation with RSVP closer to the date of your event. A friendly reminder can be a good thing, in the hustle and bustle of holiday season.

7. Brilliant ideas take time - A great party theme can take a while to pull together, even for a talented event host. Give your party the full effect you're dreaming of, by sorting out the space, cuisine, drinks and other foundation elements early. As you plan, consider your guests' needs (such as ramps, smoking areas, parking etc) as you select a space. Also consider any entertainment, AV, presentations or lighting needs. Check that there are adequate outlets, restrooms and that permits are in order. Take measurements of all the key areas in the space. After all, it pays to be certain that ice fountain fits in the dining room, before ordering!


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