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Demystifying The Events Industry: Drink Guide

Posted by Lyssa Test on Mar 9, 2017 12:18:00 PM
Lyssa Test

Cocktails and mixed drinks at a bar

Planning an event takes a lot of work. Throw some hospitality industry jargon into the mix and it’s easy to get overwhelmed! This article’s focus is on decoding the lingo surrounding alcoholic beverages, but be sure to check out our post on appetizers here. From apératifs to digestifs, this post will guide you through your drink options so you can impress your guests with your knowledge and make educated decisions for your next event. Cheers!



An apératif is a light and refreshing drink served prior to a meal. An apératif is meant to open your palate and stimulate your appetite and originates from the latin word aperire, meaning “to open.” Apératifs stick to dry liquors like vermouth, campari, lillet, sherry, champagne, etc.


Cocktails contain distilled spirits, water, sugar/juice, and bitters. An Old Fashion is an example, made up of bourbon or whiskey, bitters, a sugar cube, and water.


Mixed Drink

Most people make the mistake of calling mixed drinks cocktails, but if it doesn’t meet the criteria listed above, chances are you’re dealing with a mixed drink. Vodka Soda or a Gin and Tonic are two examples of mixed drinks.


Beer Cocktail

A beer cocktail is a drink made by combining two types of beer or by combining beer and liquor. If the other component of the drink is a juice or soft drink, the mixture is called a shandy. 


As its name suggests, a digestif is said to aid digestion after a meal. Served at the conclusion of a meal, a digestif introduces a little bit of sweetness to the palate. Schnapps, Calvados, fortified wines, and liqueurs like Bailey’s Irish Cream and Kahlua all fit the bill and can take the place of a coffee and dessert course as well!

Hope you were able to digest all this drink guide lingo! If simple is more your style, you can never go wrong with beer and wine, but nothing beats walking into an event and being handed a glass of champagne. It adds a sense of class to the evening and preps your guests for whatever delicious meal awaits them!

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