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Finding A Venue For Your Corporate Event

Posted by Angela Christian on Sep 14, 2017 11:00:00 AM
Angela Christian

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Finding a venue for any event is difficult, but finding a venue for a corporate event means you have the added challenge of pleasing your boss, clients and colleagues. I’ve listed four tips for finding a venue for your corporate event.


Figure out the basics

Figuring out the basics is crucial, without these details agreed upon you shouldn’t even think about looking at venues. When I say the basics I’m referring to budget (most important), guest count (rough estimate or max number), food/drink preferences, date/time and any additional needs (A/V, presentation, etc).  These details are important because they are usually non-negotiable and are imperative to finding the right venue.


Understand the vibe/feel of the event

Focus on your target audience here and determine what would make them feel most comfortable or ensure they have the best time. If this is a more traditional crowd, you’d probably choose a steak house over a warehouse in Brooklyn. Also - if there is a theme for the event keep that in mind when determining the best venue. Does the venue ambiance match that of Great Gatsby or Pirates of the Carribbean?


Ask for Sugesstions! 

One of the most helpful things we had at Google was a document for the sales team that listed great venues in NYC for client events. If you don’t have one of those at your office (I’d recommend you implement) but if not feel don’t feel like you are alone on an island. Ask you co-workers, friends, and even family for great venues ideas. Tell them the basics of your event and you’d be surprised how many great options you’ll walk away with.


Get a Visual

Sometimes, you just have to visit a place in person (if you can). This will allow you to get a look and feel for the venue outside of the pictures. If you can’t do a site visit, then I’d suggest asking for a floor plan or pictures of the venue set up in a similar fashion to what you might use it to give you that visual you need.


Use VenueBook! We created VenueBook to help solve the problem of finding a venue for any event. You’ll be able to tell us the basics of your event and we can give you venues in your area that might be a good fit. Check out the venue profile and request a quote all via our platform.  

Looking for more event planning advice? Check out our Guide to Event Planning.

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Happy Booking!

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