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Five Out of the Box Ideas for Team Outings

Posted by Jeanine Chmiel on Aug 23, 2016 9:30:00 AM
Jeanine Chmiel

We've all done standard team outings at bars and restaurants.  Ready for something new?  Try our five ideas for out of the box ideas for team outings!

1.  Mystery Dinners

What is more intriguing than not knowing where you are going for a team dinner?  Mystery dinners are a great way to get the team excited about a team outing and are sure to inspire some water cooler speculation about where the team is headed.  These dinners can be held at a restaurant, someone's home, outdoors, a boat, anywhere really.  Just keep the details hush hush until just before your team departs.

Mystery Dinner

2.  Activity Focused Outings

Bring your team together with experiences!  Escape the Room is a great team building activity that challenges the team to work together to make it through challenges to get out of a clue filled room.  Another fun idea is to get the team out of the office to volunteer!  Nothing brings people together better than helping those in need!

Escape the Room Challenge logoVolunteer3.  Do Something Creative

Sometimes the day to day grind of work can leave us craving new ways to be creative.  Try a painting class, ceramics activity or anything else that lets the team show how creative they are.  You can even encourage team members to showcase their pieces of art in their work space for everyone to enjoy (ps: this also fosters great conversation).

Get Creative logo

4.  Be a Tourist

Most cities (big and small) have great tours the team can take together to get to know fun facts and history about the place your team calls home.  Get everyone together to explore your city through the eyes of a tourist!

be a tourist in your own town

5.  Getting to Know You Activities

Departments within companies typically know each other quite well.  They work together on a day to day basis and know a lot about their fellow team members (professionally and personally).  It is always fun to get people from different departments together so they can learn about non-departmental colleauges (click here for ideas).  This fosters relationships company wide and can increase cross-department functionality.

getting to know you and me


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