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Galvanize: A Creative NYC Event Space

Posted by Gabrielle Ricci on Apr 12, 2018 7:21:00 PM
Gabrielle Ricci
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Galvanize is the perfect backdrop to any event. Located in the historic West Village, its New York City charm will woo your local guests and impress the out-of-towners. This space is built for large events (and small ones, too). From workshops to hackathons, the size of your guest list will be no problem at Galvanize.


Galvanize has a variety of classroom-style rooms that offer exactly what you need when you need to get stuff done. Long, rectangular whiteboard desks with multiple outlets face projectors and screens, making this the ideal space for presentations and workshops. As with all the other spaces, you’ll also have full access to their café! 

The classrooms at Galvanize

Conferences Rooms

The name says it all. Need to call in a remote employee or a potential client that doesn’t live in the city? These rooms are for exactly that. Equipped with a large table, chairs, a TV, a white board and a conference phone, you can host important meetings without the worry of things getting rowdy in the surrounding rooms. 

Conference room at Galvanize

Reception Space

Networking events can be a drag (and they all seems to follow the same agenda). Switch things up a little and host your next one in the Reception Space at Galvanize. You’ll have access to their game room – nothing sparks a business connection like a fiery game of ping pong—and kitchen. Guests can stand and chat or relax on their couches and comfy seats. It’s a new age for networking. 

Reception area at Galvanize


Event hosts and attendees will have access to the café when they come to Galvanize. Grab a quick snack between meetings and workshops or meet a friend during your down time. Most importantly, you’ll have a place where you can re-energize to stay on your game at all times!

The cafe at Galvanize

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