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How to Market Your Venue on Social Media

Posted by Olivia Brendel on Nov 8, 2018 3:32:00 PM

At VenueBook, we follow hundreds of our venue partners on social media. While we see a lot of great posts, we see even more missed opportunities. 

This week, BlogBook is sharing our top tips for marketing an event space on social platforms. Follow our best practices for creating a more engaging social media presence to bring in clients and drive business.

Social Media Apps on Mobile Phone

Restaurants, don’t neglect your event business!

We know food photos are enormously popular on Instagram. While they bring in the likes and comments, we think it’s incredibly important to diversify your content!

Event planners turn to Instagram to determine the aesthetic that your venue will bring. Yes, food is a big factor, but a crisp shot of your private dining room could convert an Instagram surfer into a client.  No matter what glimpses you post, stay true to your event business brand.

Our venue partner, Del Posto, never misses an opportunity to highlight their beautiful private spaces!

Private Dining Room


Raw and general event spaces can be a little bit harder to market, especially since it can feel like social media is dominated by restaurants and food bloggers.

There is a place for you! Even if you don’t have thousands of followers, clients will seek out your Instagram and Facebook pages for inspiration. They look through your feed, tagged photos, anything, and everything to help them envision their event in your space, so help them!

Midtown Loft and Terrace posts the best shots from their clients' events to capture how their space comes to life.

Event Space Instagram Feed

Of course, it’s not just about content.

Your followers are you fans! The best venues engage with their followers, other venues, and event planners. Understand what your followers like to see and use every post as a chance to grab the attention of a potential client.

Start upgrading your content today so you can head into 2019 with a fresh feed ready to attract new business. Need more of a marketing boost? Our venue partners gain exposure on our marketplace and when we proudly show them off on our Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn platforms. Reach out to us at to join the leader of event booking and marketing.

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