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How to Plan an Event You Won't Attend

Posted by Kalyna DeAngelo on Jul 3, 2018 2:57:00 PM

When planning an event, you want to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. That can be difficult when you won’t actually attend the event. No matter how organized you are, Murphy’s Law is very real and can strike at any time. Don’t fret; there are some simple steps you can take in advance to avoid catastrophe.

Here are three things that typically go wrong and here is how to work around them when you can’t troubleshoot the problem in person.

Menu Gone Bad:  You have painstakingly planned the perfect menu that your boss will love and the clients will love even more. All of a sudden you get a phone call from the said boss, saying the food is a disaster and nothing you ordered is coming out.

Preventative Measure: A few hours prior to the event, before your boss and the clients have even left the meeting, call the restaurant and confirm the menu. Ask, specifically, if there are any issues with the food chosen, like an ingredient missing or undisclosed substitution. If you discover something is not quite to your liking, discuss a reasonable change and have the events manager quickly update the BEO (Banquet Event Order) so everyone is aware of the new menu.

Menu Template

Is This Thing On? Technology always has a way of not working at the most inconvenient times, like right before you jump on stage to address 100 people. The microphone doesn't work, the video presentation won't play, or the internet is down...whatever it is, it often becomes the part of the presentation people remember the most

Preventative Measure: Avoid embarrassing technical glitches by arriving early and doing a full rehearsal of the presentation. Get on the wifi, plug in every microphone, play every presentation - basically just make sure it all works and flows smoothly. Not only will this ensure there are no hiccups, you will probably feel more prepared which is a bonus! As an added measure of safety, have back up copies of your presentation printed in case the overhead projector stops working. People will appreciate your preparedness.

Microphone with blurred crowd

I’ll Have Another, and Make it a Double: Nothing better after a long week than blowing off steam with your favorite colleagues and favorite cocktails at a team happy hour. Unfortunately, one drink can quickly turn into many, which for some isn’t a good thing.

Preventative Measures: Sending a friendly reminder to those attending your corporate happy hour to drink responsibility can’t hurt and is a quick way to make sure your coworkers know that Drinks = Good. Drinking too much = Bad. Additionally, you can call the venue beforehand and ask the bartender to keep an eye out for the over served. They will typically be doing this anyway but letting them know they can gently step in to guide those misguided drunks to sit down a spell and have some water.

4 drinks on a bar

Being aware of the likely scenarios that could go wrong gives you the opportunity to take the proper precautions to ensure a successful and enjoyable event!

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