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How To Send a Proposal on VenueBook for Pro Users

Posted by Lyssa Test on Jul 20, 2017 11:25:00 AM
Lyssa Test

The best way to seal the deal with a potential client is by sending them a proposal as soon as you have enough information to build one. If you still have questions after reading their event details, feel free to shoot them a message to clear up any outstanding questions you may have. Otherwise, draft a proposal, sign and send!

Getting started is easy. Log into your VenueBook Dashboard and find the event that needs a proposal. If you can’t remember which one hasn’t received a proposal, find the event that says Create Proposal on the right hand side.

Once you access the proposal section, you’ll notice the event details at the top of the page under the section that says Initial Client Request.

From here you can add in event spaces / room rental fees, food and beverage fees, and any additional fees and services you might need. Just click the “+ Add” button at the top of a section to add a line item. You will also have the option to choose “Use Template” to select an item from your existing menu or choose “Create Custom” to create a new item manually. From this menu you can list the start/end time of this line item, set the price per item, set the item quantity, apply a line discount, and add notes if needed.

A GIF showing how to create custom items on your VenueBook proposal

If you want to edit something from a section use the pencil tool. To remove items, click the trash can icon next to a specific icon.

You can add any additional fees or change existing fees / minimums in the “Totals” box on the bottom right of the page.

At the bottom of the page you’ll find two more sections: “Additional Information & Details” and “Legal.” Just click the Pencil Icon to edit either of these sections or check out this article if you need more help.

When you feel comfortable with the proposal you’ve created, click Sign and Send Current Proposal located in the top right corner. Just remember that this is a legally binding agreement so if your client accepts the proposal, it means that you have entered into a contract with the client. A GIF showing how to Sign and Send a VenueBook proposal to a client

And there you have it, how to send a proposal on VenueBook for Pro accounts! You're on your way to securing more business and delighting your customers. To try your hand at creating a proposal, click the button below:


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Or check out another helpful article on how to message a client on VenueBook!


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