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Tips For Throwing A Great Election Party

Posted by Angela Christian on Oct 14, 2016 11:00:00 AM
Angela Christian


“It’s all fun and games until one of these candidates become president”

Despite how you may feel about each candidate, come November 8th one of them will be the new president.  If you are looking to celebrate your candidate, drown your sorrows, or throw your goodbye party (#movingtocanada) - we've put together a few of our favorite ideas and resources for throwing a great election party.  



election party decoration

Looking to keep things nonpartisan for your party?  Unite your group with the steadfast red, white and blue.  Mini flags, balloons, streamers and other patriotic decorations can spruce up your space and get any crowd excited.  

Prefer to make things more bi-PARTY-san?  Allow your group to display their party loyalty with donkey and elephant themed decorations.  Coasters, cookies, napkins, plates, balloons and party hats are sure to allow everyone to show their party loyalty.   


fourth of july martini

It’s fall so be sure to incorporate all the great fall beers, ciders and cocktails in your drink menu.  Signature cocktails are a great way to create a lasting impression on your guests and bonus points if you have a patriotic one.  If you don't have time to create a signature cocktail but still want to make your drink festive you can serve a "hilar-ita" or a "trump-tini".  No matter what you decide, as long as you keep your bar stocked your guests will be happy.   


Election night is long and everyone loves a photobooth.  There are endless possibilties when it comes to election props such as, presidential face masks, voting themed props, patriotic props and a variety of other election props to choose from.  If a photobooth isn't enough to keep your guests occupied then peruse the two games below to add some humor and interaction to your party. 

Still looking for a spot to host your election party?  We’ve listed a few of our favorite raw spaces and bars below:

For more of our favorite election party ideas check out our pinterest board or for a party playlist click here.  


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Happy Planning!

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