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How to Leave the Office

Posted by Jeanine Chmiel on Jul 6, 2016 11:00:00 AM
Jeanine Chmiel

Checking email 24/7?  Nervous about taking vacation because you aren't sure what's happening at the office?  Frustrated that you always feel like you are working?  You're not alone. 

Jason Merkoski (a former employee of Amazon) was quoted in a New York Times exposé.  Jason said:

Jason Merkoski quoteThis is true for many.  With the advent of the smart phone and laptop came the feeling that we always need to be working.  Here are a few tips and tricks on how to leave the office and better balance your life:

1.  Don't procrastinate at work.

Thinking "I'll just do this when I get home" only perpetuates this feeling and the cycle.

2.  Use tools to help you get your work done faster.

Create tasks using Asana and be dedicated to getting those tasks done before you head out for the day.  If booking an event is one of the tasks on your to-do list, book it online using VenueBook.  Essentially, try to leave the office each day without a to-do list, but with an it's-done list.

3.  Create "do not disturb" time for yourself and stick to it.

Turn off your phone and close your laptop.  If your boss expects you to respond 24/7, explain that you need that time to regroup but will be available outside of that window (after hours: to a reasonable extent, of course).

4.  Don't multitask.

It is generally thought that the more you are doing at once, the more productive you are being.  However, study after study has shown that multitasking is less effective than focusing on one thing, getting it done and then moving onto the next.  Read this article for more reasons to stop multitasking.

5.  Put yourself first.

If you are feeling like a mental mess, then it is very difficult for the rest of your life to stay organized.  Take care of yourself and your relationships.  The happier you are, the happier everything else in your life will be.


Team VenueBook

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