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Make Sure Your Venue is ADA Compliant

Posted by Jordyn Alper on Jun 5, 2018 5:12:00 PM

When people ask if a venue is ADA compliant the answer is most likely yes. The only downfall is it does not always promise a satisfying experience at the event for a person with a disability. We are here to give you tips on how to make sure your venue is ADA compliant:

Handicapped Stalls in The Restrooms:

When using the restroom, some people with disabilities may need assistance from a helper. If they are not the same gender, and there is no handicap stall available, it could lead to the person being stuck with no help. A family or mixed-gender restroom can be the smartest addition to your venue to assist everyone's needs.

Family and Wheelchair bathroom icons

A Seated Meal:

Buffet meals are difficult for physically disabled as well as anyone with food allergies. (because of lack of labeling, and possible cross contamination). Standing in line, and holding a plate of food can be challenging for guests using canes, crutches, and also the blind. Another group of the guest is those in wheelchairs or scooters. It is often difficult for them to reach the food on a buffet table. A much better option would be a seated meal.

3 people sitting at a table with a man in a wheelchair

Wider Aisles:

In most cases, events lead to a crowded room. In a meeting or conference, for example, people with hearing or sight disabilities tend to sit in the front. This can lead to obstacles for the physically disabled guests. If they are trying to move up or back in the room things could get in the way. It is always important to make sure there are aisles that are easily accessible to all guests.

Empty conference room with easy to move chairs

Directional Signs:

It is difficult for anyone to navigate through an unfamiliar place. For the physically challenged it may be tough to follow directions in a crowded room, and other people may be blocking a path. One tip to solve this problem is placing directional signs throughout the venue where wheelchairs are accessible.

wheelchair accessible directional sign

At any event, guest satisfaction is key. To cover everyones needs, we suggest to create a communication strategy prior to the event so every guest knows what to expect.

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