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Crafting the Perfect Summer Menu

Posted by Jordyn Alper on Jun 1, 2018 4:43:00 PM

Summer is right around the corner, which means it's time to start enjoying the warm weather! There are some things to consider when switching up the menu for summer events both big and small. Here are a few pointers:

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Best Venues in the Lower East Side

Posted by Jordyn Alper on May 29, 2018 7:19:00 PM

Searching for the perfect spot for your next event in New York City? The Lower East Side has some great spots! Whether you are looking for a place for a corporate meal or team outing, the Lower East Side offers it all. Here are some of our favorites:

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How to Use Data at Your Venue

Posted by Gabrielle Ricci on May 17, 2018 12:41:00 PM
If you don't already know, we are in the age of data. It's running everything: social media, business decisions, the temperature in our homes. While robots might not be as close as we think, data is doing a lot of that backend work. At this point, you're thinking "yeah I get it, but why should I care?" Well, you should care because it's powerful and can help with efficiency and business decisions at your venue. The more you know, right?
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Italian Restaurants in New York City

Posted by Gabrielle Ricci on May 16, 2018 7:15:00 PM

It's time for me to tell you about the great venues on our site. This time around, the focus is Italian...because who doesn't love authentic Italian food? There are quite a lot of Italian restaurants in New York City, but we prefer the ones on our site. Here are two different venues with two different vibes so you can have a few options the next time you're looking to take clients out to dinner.

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Tips and Must-Knows for Last-Minute Event Planning

Posted by Gabrielle Ricci on May 10, 2018 9:22:00 AM

Planning events is hard. Factor in procrastination and you've got yourself quite the pickle. For most people, planning events isn't their day job. You report to work for something else entirely, so it makes sense that the event planning slipped through the cracks. It happens.

If you find yourself in this situation often, or if this is your first time, here are some tips and must-knows for last-minute event planning!

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