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Restaurants with Private Rooms in NYC

Posted by Gabrielle Ricci on Apr 7, 2017 10:00:00 AM
Gabrielle Ricci
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Sometimes you need to pull out all the stops for an event. Maybe you're trying to impress a new client or show an old client how much you appreciate their business. Whatever the reason, hosting your event in a private room will take things up a notch. I've chosen some of my favorite elegant private rooms in NYC that will impress any client, coworker or friend group you dine with.


picture of The LaCoste Room

The LaCoste Room at Vaucluse is perfect for an intimate gathering of up to 12 people. The room is located in the lower half of the restaurant, making it a secret hideaway for you and your guests. The clean and elegant decor is a beautiful touch to this dining escape. Additionally, the large round table makes it a great room for conversation! 


picture of The Tented Room                                                                               

If you're looking for a space that can transition from cocktail reception to seated meal, The Tented Room at ilili might be your match. The Tented Room can accommodate 25 people for a cocktail reception and 18 people for a seated diner. Equipped with your own sound system and a private bathroom, you won't ever have to leave!

Reserve Cut

picture of The Wine

The Wine Gallery at Reserve Cut is a cut above the rest. Surround yourself with bottles and bottles of wine. Seriously though, this room showcases their incredible collection of Mevushal wine. You and your 15 coworkers, clients, or friends can sip wine and eat steak (if you're into that) away from the rest of the crowd. 

Now that I've added some great selections to your private dining options, go and book a private room! And even if you're not looking for a private room right now, you'll need one at some point. 


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