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Throwing A Great New Years Eve Party At Home

Posted by Angela Christian on Dec 5, 2016 11:00:00 AM
Angela Christian

Let's be honest. Do any of us really like New Year's Eve? It's one of those days that is supposed to be amazing, yet never lives up to its expectations. Most of us don't end up making it to midnight or spend the next day wishing we hadn't had that last glass of champagne. Last year I decided to bow out of my typical New York City NYE plans and host some close friends at my apartment in Boston. Having spent many hours researching "throwing a great new years eve party at home", I decided to put together my favorite tips in case any of you are deciding to swap your heels for slippers this NYE.


Keep the party low key. Unless you have a massive apartment, having too many people will feel crowded and make your space too hot. Stick to inviting close friends and family that will all have a great time together. Plus you don't want neighbors to complain and cut your evening short!

Decorations are Key:

The great thing about this time of year is that you can utilize the majority of your holiday decorations for a New Year's Eve party. Keep your lights, garlands and candles up to reduce the cost of decorations. You can grab a few cute NYE decorations at Party City and if you are feeling really festive do some DIY decorations.

One thing I'd highly recommend is a DIY photo booth. It was a huge success at my party last year and it's sure to make your Instagram look bomb when you post that #latergram. You can find a tutorial here and prop suggestions here.



Don't stress too much about alcohol. Depending on your crowd you could stock your fridge with beer, wine and plenty of champagne and be just fine. If you decide to go with beer and wine, suggest that your guests bring their favorite hard liquor if that's what they'd prefer to drink (you can provide the mixers). I would recommend having a signature cocktail at your event because lets be real, everything is fancier with a signature cocktail. My signature cocktail was a pomegranate moscow mule, you can find the recipe here. Copper mugs are optional, but highly encouraged.


Most New Year's Eve parties tend to start on the later end so most of your guests will have eaten dinner by the time they arrive. I'd suggest keeping the food light. Think appetizers (mini-crab cakes anyone?) and desserts (festive NYE cookies) to allow for grazing during the party. I personally choose a liquid diet on NYE, but I've heard some people enjoy food with their champagne.


  • Games: Depending on the length of your party, your guests could be waiting awhile for the ball to drop and that special NYE's kiss. You can have games on hand such as Cards Against Humanity, Heads Up or charades to provide entertainment. Also, what is better than drunk friends playing charades?
  • Music: I'd suggest browsing Spotify for already curated playlists. Or you can be like my friends and listen to the 90s hip hop on Pandora...the choice is yours.


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