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Tips For Throwing a Killer Super Bowl Party

Posted by Gabrielle Ricci on Jan 27, 2017 11:00:00 AM
Gabrielle Ricci
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A football stadium for the Super Bowl

Whether you're rooting for the Patriots or the Falcons, or just looking for an excuse to drink, the Super Bowl is quickly approaching and the party planning stage is now. If you want to up your street cred with your friends as the official party person, I've got a few ideas that will give you a name for yourself.

Party At Home

Friends cheering on their favorite team

If you don't live in an apartment the size of a closet (sorry, some of you NYC folks), throwing a party at home has a lot of benefits. 

1. Create a spread that best fits your guests. Make wings, a tasty dip, or any of these crowd pleasing dishes.

2. Mix up some specialty drinks or make people bring their own. We are all on a budget here.

3. Make the party an Instagram-worthy event with DIY decorations and start your own hashtag that you can look back on to remind yourself of your greatness. 

Rent a Raw Space 

An open loft perfect for football-viewing

If you're a creative brain with a cozy apartment and extra cash in your pockets, renting a raw space is a great option. You'll still be able to customize an event, but you can choose spaces that fit the personality of your friends and their likes/dislikes. 

1. You don't have to deal with the problem of cleaning up. Some spaces require you to pay a cleaning fee, but after that, it's not your problem (this is not an invitation to act like a slob).

2. Cut down on your food costs by having your friends participate in a potluck. Use a site like Perfect Potluck to make sure all your bases (wrong sport) are covered. 

3. Don't engage with fans from the oppsing team. Pick and choose the kind of party you're trying to throw. 

Reserve Space at a Bar

A fully-stocked bar with a SuperBowl viewing party

If you're just looking to have a space for you and all your friends, consider hosting your party at a local bar that you love. You won't get to fully customize your party, but there are still a few perks.

1. Multiple TVs means multiple angles. Never fight over being able to see the screen (unless of course you're super tall and this is never a problem for you).

2. Choose a bar that specifically targets your team. Laugh, cry and scream together. Losing and winning is a team effort.

3. Don't deal with cooking, planning a potluck, or making drinks for everyone. All you have to decide is what drink to order next.


I've given you all the tools, now you have to apply them. Use these tips for throwing a killer Super Bowl party, and you're friends will thank you forever. 


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