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Top 10 Corporate Event Trends of 2019

Posted by Olivia Brendel on May 13, 2019 7:19:34 PM

Boring corporate events are a thing of the past. Incorporate our favorite 2019 trends for a modern and memorable event. 

1. Corporate Social Responsibility

Events provide the perfect opportunity to put company values into action. Large meetings or multi-day conferences should include a community service project. Pick a meaningful activity that aligns with your industry, community needs or the passions of your team.

2. Attention to Green Detail

First, choose a venue committed to sustainable practices. Second, incorporate environmentally friendly substitutions. Skip printouts and packets and opt for digital sharing. Choose stainless steel or glass cups over water bottles.

3. Build an Online Community 

Extend the impact and longevity of your convention or conference through a digital community. Invite participants to a Slack channel to share info and create excitement months before the event, dialogue during the event, and memory sharing after the event.

4. Wellness

Show attendees that you care about their well-being. Group meditation, yoga, or just an opportunity to sit outside and decompress will rejuvenate guests and increase engagement. Plan for adequate breaks, water and healthy snacks so attendees can feel their best.

5. Personalization

Treat every guest like a VIP and honor their needs and preferences. Survey attendees to gather allergies, dietary restrictions, accommodation preferences and more. Customized elements take time and money, but leave guests feeling valued and impressed. Priceless.

6. Local Flair  

From supporting local businesses, to paying homage to the traditions of the area, use your host city as an event theme that isn’t forced or corny.

7. Unique Team-Building 

After years of attending the same events in hotel ballrooms, many are looking to mix it up. Activity-based events such as improv class, ice sculpting, wine making and virtual reality games are incredibly popular this year.

8. Take it Outside

Nobody wants to be stuck inside on a beautiful day. If your climate is historically pleasant, don’t be afraid of an outdoor event. Organize a board meeting on an AV friendly patio or host a cocktail reception on a yacht. Outdoor events take away that stuffy, formal feeling and are great for non-traditional companies.

9. An “Insta-Worthy” Focal Point

Spend money on one element that is particularly beautiful and interesting. Perhaps it’s your logo made of fresh roses or a wall of mini doughnuts. Guests won’t be able to resist snapping a photo for social media. 

10. Interactive Stations

“Make your own” food stations are fun and encourage guests to get up, move around the space and mingle with new faces. They’re also perfect for guests with dietary restrictions to customize their plates.

Execute these on-trend event practices and your guests will leave wowed. Searching for a corporate event venue is easy with Reach out to our Event Specialist Team for extra assistance in securing the best space. 

Happy Planning!

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