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Top 5 Resources for Event Planners 

Posted by Gabrielle Ricci on Mar 20, 2018 8:34:00 AM
Gabrielle Ricci
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Event planning is hard. It's been glorified many times in the media, but we all know the truth: it can be really taxing. There are so many different pieces that need to come together for every event. It's especially hard when you're hosting an event at a venue that doesn't offer food and beverage or even furniture. To ease the blow just a little, we've put together a list of resources for event planners. If you're new to event planning, if you've been doing it forever, or even if this is a one-time thing, these will surely help. 


1. Budgeting Guide

One of the hardest parts about planning an event is staying within the budget. After you factor in venue costs, food and rentals, it can be difficult to have money left for other expenses. Don't wait until the last minute to start figuring out musts and good-to-haves. This article from Endless Events does a good job mapping it all out. 

2. Paperless Post 

You can't have an event without guests. If you want to go the extra mile to cordially invite them, why not send a beautiful invitation. No designing necessary. All you have to do is pick a design and add your copy! 

3. ezCater

Finding a caterer is tough, especially when you have to worry about dietary restrictions, serving sizes and your budget. ezCater is a website with a variety of caterers for you to choose from. Find and book a caterer all in one go and shed time off your event planning process.

4. Classic Party Rentals and Party Rental Ltd.

What's worse than finding a caterer? Finding furniture and linen rentals. If you're looking on the West Coast, you'll want to go with Classic Party Rentals. For East Coast folks, check out Party Rental Ltd. Choose from a variety of rentals like couches, tables, lighting and event tenting. Everything you need, all in one place. 

5. VenueBook's Event Guide

It just wouldn't be the same if I didn't add a shameless plug. We offer our planners a variety of resources to help them with all of their needs. This step-by-step guide will cover what you need for your event planning journey. Click the button to download your own free copy! 

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