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Top 5 Ways to Plan a Socially Responsible Event

Posted by Olivia Brendel on Dec 10, 2019 4:32:36 PM

Social Responsibility is not only incredibly important, but also expected in the world of corporate events. From investor meetings, to holiday parties, to client dinners, it's important to uphold company and social values outside of the office. 

1. A Meaningful Venue. Choose a venue that fits your event goals and company beliefs. Whether it's a restaurant sourcing humane & farm-to-table ingredients, a general event space that strives to employ minority groups or a green hotel, let your attendees know that the venue selection has meaning.

2. A Thoughtful Agenda. Hosting an all-day or multi-day conference or meeting? Break up the day by including a volunteer outing or project. Think your group could bring great energy to a soup kitchen, go for it! Does your team have advice to offer to a local college class? Make the trip. These moments become the most memorable of the event. 

3. Spread Holiday Cheer. It's great to get together in December to celebrate and indulge, but important to think of those who don't have the luxury. Have party guests bring food drive items, winter coats or holidays gifts for less-fortunate groups. It is quite impactful to see what hundreds of individuals can bring to form a collectively large donation. 

4. Decrease Waste. We've all been to meetings with a spread of bountiful food platters that nobody touches, or even worse, plastic water bottles opened for just one sip. Opt for self-serve water and coffee in glasses and mugs. You can still order catering, but 3 dozen pastries for your board meeting of health-conscious professionals seems wasteful. 

5. It's a BYO World. It's safe to assume to that professionals bring their own note-taking tools: phones, laptops, notebooks, pens. It's enticing for your marketing team to brand your conference with logo-endorsed folders, stationary and pens, but is it necessary? Instead, project your logo and flow through your program digitally. 

The best news? These CSR-friendly choices are inexpensive, free or even cost-reducing. Meeting and event planners: take the initiative to plan a socially responsible event. Your choices impact your company, attendees, community and beyond.

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Happy planning!