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Top Ideas To Celebrate The End of Busy Season

Posted by Angela Christian on Mar 14, 2017 12:00:00 AM
Angela Christian

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This blog goes out to all my accountanting friends who are so close to the end of busy season they can smell it. I’ve put together some of my favorite ideas (and venue spots) so your team can let off some steam and celebrate another tax season in the books.

  1. Happy Hour: One of the best cures to a long week (or few months in this case) is a nice stiff drink. Get your team together over a happy hour to let loose and enjoy a night celebrating a job well done. I’d highly recommend our events add on blog post to see ways to bring your happy hour to the next level!
    1. Venue Suggestions: Analogue
  2. Private Dinner: Sometimes all we need is a great meal and a great bottle of wine to relax. Private dinners are a great way to get your team together in a more intimate environment to talk about your successes and get to know each other a little better. Work with the venue manager to put together the perfect menu for your team.
    • Venue Suggestions: ilili
  3. Activity: If your team has been cooped up for the last six months, then an activity based outing might be the perfect thing to kick off the next quarter. Get everyone out of the office and into a new environment. Think cooking classes, poker lessons, craft cocktails and much much more.
  4. Food Truck: If you can’t bring your team to the fun bring the fun to your team. Rent a food truck (or a few) for the lunch hour so that your team can have lunch on you and enjoy something new.

While we can’t get you a food truck, we can help with the other three options above. Check out our site for a full list of venues that can accommodate your team celebration.


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