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Top Reasons Why Venue Managers Decline Your Event

Posted by Angela Christian on Apr 19, 2017 10:00:00 AM
Angela Christian

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Deciding on a venue is a crucial part of the event planning process. However, sometimes the venue you have your heart set on isn’t able to accommodate your event.  If you are dealing with a great venue manager they will usually give you a reason as to why they can’t host your event, but sometimes you just never hear a reason. We’ve listed out the top 3 reasons why venue managers decline your event below.


  1. Budget
    • Reason: Events are expensive and it takes extra staff, runners, etc for a venue to put on an event. They want to make sure that your budget is going to be a good fit for their venue given their staff costs, food and beverage costs and any room fees. It’s not personal, restaurants are businesses and need to make money.
    • What you can do: If you have flexibility you can try changing some aspects of your event. Instead of a dinner you can do a brunch. Instead of a Saturday night try a Tuesday. If your heart is set on utilizing a particular venue then you have to make other concessions so that your budget also works for the venue manager.
  2. Availability
    • Reason: This happens a lot but sometimes the venue is already booked for the day you want to have your event.
    • What you can do: If you really want to have your event at a particular venue then you could change the date of your event. If you don’t have flexibility with the date then you will have to find another venue.
  3. Venue Not A Good Fit
    • Reason: It’s not always that venue managers don’t want to host your event, sometimes your event is just not a good fit for their venue. Some reasons why a venue is not a good fit for your event: capacity (you have more guests than a venue can accommodate), hours of operation, venue does not serve food or beverage.
    • What you can do: You have to make concessions on your event. If the venue can’t host your event because you have too many people then you’d need to cut the guest list. If they don’t serve food and beverages and you’d like to have this then you have to look at alternatives (does the venue allow catering).


Understanding what is important to you will allow you to know if you are willing to make changes to your event in order to host it at a particular venue. However, don’t limit your venue options to just your top choices; always have a back-up list of venues in case you find yourself on the receiving end of a “no”.

Happy Booking!

Team Venuebook

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