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Top Tools To Keep Your Events Organized

Posted by Jeanine Chmiel on Sep 14, 2016 10:00:00 AM
Jeanine Chmiel

Do you remember our world without Internet, smart phones and apps?  If you can’t remember those days, congratulations, you are young (pro-tip: don’t grow up…it’s a trap)!  If you can, then you will agree that the amount of innovation that has occurred since then is astounding.

We love tech and we use several tools that keep us organized.  We've listed our favorite tools to keep your events organized below:  

Team Task Management:

Has a team member ever thought you were handling what you thought they were handling?  I thought so.  Enter Club House!.  The project management tool that will help you keep you and your team on top of every task, who is handling it and when it is completed.  You can view by project and various other ways which is helpful when trying to find a specific task or project.

Team Communication:  

“Did you get that email I sent you?  Which one?  The one from this morning.  You sent me twelve emails this morning…which one?”  Been there?  That’s a sign that you’re getting too many emails.  Can communication within your team be paired down?  Probably.  Try using Slack.  Their tag line is “Be Less Busy.”  Thanks to slack, we are insanely busy innovating, not unnecessarily busy answering internal emails!

Document Management:  

Ever wondered if you are looking at the most current version of a document? Wonder no more – if you have not yet discovered Google Docs/Pages/Sheets then give it a try.  These tools are a great way to keep documents living and visible to the whole team, all of the time.  Simulataneous collaboration wins, all of the time. Everyone is always looking at the most current version of everything, which makes for a brilliantly current conversation.

Finding Venues for Events:

There are a plethora of great resources on the Internet for finding a great venue for your meeting or event. posted this helpful post.  Other helpful resources are Eater, Grub StreetOpenTable and Zagat.  

There you have it: four examples of our favorite tech tools that will help you and your team stay organized and on top of your projects and events.  Cheers to you and your team to an organized and seamless future.  May you, and your team, have many unicorns fly across your screens for years to come.


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