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Venue Spotlight: Fairmont San Francisco

Posted by Olivia Brendel on Jun 26, 2019 10:15:00 AM

In the ever-changing city of San Francisco, one 20th century landmark has stood the test of time. Perched on the top of Nob Hill, with the best panoramic views of the City and Bay, Fairmont San Francisco has remained the "it" spot for dining, drinking and celebrating, since 1907.

Dedicated to evolving with the times without forgetting a rich past, Fairmont San Francisco is as vibrant as ever.

With 100+ years of experience serving America’s elite, including every U.S. president since William Howard Taft, guests can rest assured that Fairmont has mastered world-class hospitality.

What other venue would you trust with your most important corporate functions?  

We’re breaking down our favorite Fairmont spaces, the history within the walls, and tips on planning your modern event.

1. A business lunch in the Garden Room

Draped in natural light and adorned with golden pineapple chandeliers, The Garden Room holds a notable place in world history. In 1945, delegates from 40 countries met in the Garden Room to draft the Charter for the United Nations.

Take in the historic ambiance and beautiful decor while enjoying impeccable service. We can’t think of a better location for important discussions, collaboration, and decision making.



2. A cocktail reception in The Cirque Room

What’s notable about cocktails in the Cirque Room? For starters, it was the first bar to open in San Francisco following the repeal of prohibition. Perfect for parties of 50-100, The Cirque Room was designed by architect Tim Pflueger and enhanced with murals by the Bruton sisters.

Sip craft cocktails with colleagues and imagine the celebrations that were had in 1933. Hint: a siren sounded and a parade erupted. Cheers!


3. Private Dining in The Diplomat’s Club

Closing a deal over dinner? The Diplomat’s Club has everything you need. With a full bar, dining area, billiards room and private dining room, the flow of the evening is up to you. Loosen up over whiskey and a game of pool then get down to business at the dinner table.

This space is tried and true. Its creation was inspired by over 75 Consul General Missions in the Bay Area and today is the official home to the Consular Corps. of San Francisco.  

Ready to make your mark on Fairmont history? Book any type of event at Fairmont San Francisco with a few clicks on  

Happy booking!


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