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VenueBook Partner Spotlight: Michelin-Starred Aldea Restaurant

Posted by Marketing Team on Feb 11, 2015 11:22:55 AM

VenueBook appreciation month continues with real stories and real advice from event planners, private dining clients and venue partners! Last week we ran a  planner spotlight and today we hear from the General Manager of one of our esteemed venue partners in New York, Michelin-Starred Aldea Restaurant.

"I wear many hats here at Aldea and as the General Manager, ‘Event Management’ is no longer one of the bigger ones now that we are using VenueBook." - Chris Lauber, General Manager, Aldea Restaurant

Aldea Restaurant


What drew you to the product?

Chris: As many GMs know, we’re responsible for basically everything. I knew that if there was a product that would allow me to see the event calendar, control PDR bookings, income, BEOs, receipts, etc., it would allow me to increase my overall efficiency.

VenueBook: What type of changes have you seen internally?

Chris: It’s keeping me organized with having one place for all the moving pieces, from payments to accounting and an address book. Tech savvy clients also love that it’s simple and everything is in their control – including the ability to manage details on their own time, menu selection and putting down payment.

VenueBook: How do you find that VenueBook helps you with overall operations of the restaurant?

Chris: The overall system has allowed me to focus on other things such as scheduling, purchasing, managing, and fixing – and the list goes on! BEO’s are also helpful in the kitchen; your tool has impacted this information. There’s not as much faxing or paper laying around. This also prevents having any credit card information being seen outside of the portal. It’s a unique product that allows us to send a menu that fits the customer’s event needs with no confusion. The notes function allows for drilling down details such as asking for specific flower color variations or notes about special occasions. You can then work with them over the phone simultaneously which allows you to stay on top of things.

VenueBook: VenueBook is trusting in giving access to this portal so venues can feel more comfortable with the technology and understand that we are PCI compliant. Everyone uses their phone these days to make purchases on Amazon, why not manage events that way?

Chris: VenueBook helps us stay new and stay current with the demands of technology and what people want – including hospitality and the feeling that people are there. We use this every day to forecast and create a schedule for staffing the event in conjunction with regular dining. Internal communication has also been really important. With an extremely busy schedule, I don’t have the time to relay the same information to multiple people, so the ability to share the information via VenueBook is helpful. It also means the only printed document is the BEO for the kitchen.

Thank you Chris! We appreciate your business and enjoy having you as a venue partner!

Be sure to check-out Aldea in New York's Meatpacking District for your next private event! Select from several spaces including their main floor dining room, mezzanine, private dining room, chef's table or a full restaurant buyout!

Michelin-Starred Aldea Restaurant 


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