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VenueBook Platform Tweaks for the Holiday Rush

Posted by Gabrielle Ricci on Oct 26, 2017 10:00:00 AM
Gabrielle Ricci
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How it is already October? You’ve probably started to realize the increase in event inquires for holiday parties and gatherings. If not, don’t’s coming. As you deal with the influx of inquiries, we’ve been working to make this time of the year a little easier. Here are a few tweaks we’ve made to VenueBook that will help venue managers during the holiday rush.


Site Visit Scheduler 

Calendar flipping through monthsNow it’s easier than ever to schedule site visits with prospective clients. Once you’ve signed and sent a proposal to a client, they can start using the site visit scheduler. The client can send up to three time slots that work best for them, and then you can confirm which time works best for you. Once you confirm, it will be saved into your calendar. It’s easy to knock out a few site visits when you’re swamped with event inquiries.

Print All BEO’s 

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Previously, our system only allowed venue managers to print one BEO at a time. This would require people to go into each separate BEO to print it. With our new feature, you can print all the BEO’s for any given day at once. Print multiple event BEOs at once this holiday season! Hint hint: this is only a pro feature


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If you haven’t heard, ExpressBook is a recently relaunched feature. Using ExpressBook, prospective clients can send you incredibly qualified proposals that they build on their own. Once you start a conversation with a client, you’ve already skipped the foundational steps and can focus on upselling and choosing event specifics. If you don’t have ExpressBook for your venue, reach out to your account manager to get set up!

Bonus Pro Feature:

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One of the most time saving features on our platform usually goes unnoticed. Our Email Templates allow venue managers to write pre-curated responses to different situations and scenarios. It’s easy to email clients quickly with the necessary information without a lot of effort!

Tis the season for busy schedules, amirite? These tweaks for the holiday rush will be sure to help you maximize your time!


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