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VenueBook Sports Bars In Each Market

Posted by Gabrielle Ricci on Mar 29, 2017 6:00:00 PM
Gabrielle Ricci
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Sports culture has always been very interesting to me. I know a decent amout about sports, and I can hold my own in a conversation, but I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a die hard fan by any means (Go Gators!). Throughout my experiences in the sports realm, I've learned that people will do just about anything for a favorite sports team: spend money on every game, tailgate at 6am, some of them even get tattoos (no judgment here, just an observation). People LOVE sports. And what goes well with sports? Alcohol.

Fans will show up hours early to a bar, stay for the entire game, scream for random reasons, and then stay after the game just to watch their rival lose. This is dedication at its core. If you're going to do all this crazy stuff, you might as well do it at a bar you love. 

I'm back, peeps (not that I was gone for very long)! And I'm bringing you some VenueBook sports bars in each market.


New York:

The House of Brews

If you can't tell simply by the name, this bar is perfect for the beer lover. With a variety of over 100 beers, your taste buds won't get bored during endless sports viewing. To top it all off, House of Brews has a menu option specifically for groups!   

Iron Bar and Lounge 

Iron Bar and Lounge is the perfect spot when you can't decide which game to watch (apparently, this is a problem people have). With 20 televisions and a massive projector, you'll be able watch the game from any and all angles.

San Francisco:

Pete's Tavern

The SF Chronicle voted Pete's Tavern the best sports bar, and we stand by that decision. Pete's 22 TVs will make it easy for you to stay on top of all your games at the same time. With a bunch of beers on tap (including Pete's Beer of the Month), you don't have to worry about being bored with your options.


Ovie Bar & Grill

Kick back, eat up, drink up and enjoy the game at Ovie Bar & Grill. Their 40-seat bar offers a ton of room for you, your friends and all those other random fans that want to watch the game with you. Don't drink on an empty stomach. Instead, fill up with a seasonal dish!

Park Tavern Rosemont

If you like craft beers, this might be a spot for you. With over 40 craft beers on tap, Park Tavern is giving you quite the selection. In fact, their tagline is "Craft Beer. Genuine Food." Add the sports viewing and you've got yourself one heck of a night.   

Washington DC:

Bracket Room

If you're taking clients out, or just looking for something a little more upscale, the Bracket Room is here to deliver. Want to go all out? Rent the VIP room where you'll have three TVs just for you and your friends. This sleek restaurant will definitely turn heads.

I'm pretty positive there is some sort of sporting event happening this week. I'd even bet that there are multiple events occuring across way too many channels. Use some of my suggestions and go watch some sports this week! 


Peace and Chicken Grease,



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