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What is VenueBook?

Posted by Lyssa Test on Jul 17, 2017 3:54:27 PM
Lyssa Test


Asking yourself "What is VenueBook"? Check out this short article that covers all the bases. This article is written for our venue partners, but if you're an event planner looking to learn more about VenueBook click here. So without further ado, let us tell you a little about our site:

What is the Marketplace?

VenueBook is an online marketplace bringing event bookers and venue managers together to plan great events. VenueBook lets you market your space, receive qualified leads and grow your business.


Why Digital?

You can do almost everything online today, so why should events be any different? Our event bookers want a digital experience, that’s why we make it easy to message, send proposals and pay online through our platform. We appreciate your dedication to this mission.


Beyond the Marketplace

VenueBook is ALSO a powerful browser-based software that helps you keep track of leads that come through our site and leads you obtain outside of VenueBook. You can quickly find event details, send messages to clients, create and send proposals, keep track of event dates and meetings on your calendar, and much more. It might sound like a lot, but your Account Manager will walk you through all the features and answer any and all questions!


ExpressBook is aimed to make event booking painless. Event bookers can find and book curated event packages in under 48 hours. It’s a great way to highlight your most popular event types and activities like a killer happy hour deal or a group mixology class. You can set the menu options and price per person so there are no surprises.


At the end of the day, we want you to win more business and fall in love with using our site but we do have to keep the lights on. All we charge you is a 12.5% commission fee on the subtotal of any successful booking. If an event doesn’t convert, you don’t pay. That fee drops to 7.5% if you join our subscription based product called Pro, which is something you can speak to your Account Manager about if you’re interested! If you're an ExpressBook Tool only user, we do not charge any commission for leads received through the site tool.

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If you have any lingering questions, feel free to reach out to a member of our sales team here, ask your Account Manager, or reach out to our support team here. Feel free to explore our platform and your account by clicking the button below:

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