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What Your Boss is Worried About in Q4

Posted by Audrey Chang on Oct 21, 2016 10:00:00 AM
Audrey Chang
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While you’re out crushing your projects (e.g. planning that company holiday party!) for Q4, ever wonderwhat your boss is worried about in Q4? We asked around the office to round up some good insights into what’s probably going on in your executive’s head.

"I wonder if we have enough time..."

When things get busy, everybody has less time to spare. This is especially true for employees in a management role. We believe that a manager’s job is to support their direct reports in doing their best work. This often means that they’ve got 2 or 3 times as many projects to wrap their head around… on top of their own workload!

As a general rule, concise communication is the best strategy. A clever work hack we’ve discovered is answering questions with the key takeaway first. What’s the crucial piece of information your team or manager needs to make a decision? Start with that, then add supporting background. Your manager will likely ask additional questions for clarification if needed.

"How far are we from our end-of-year goals?"

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, if you’re in an industry where your busy season is Q4, this is when the workload really skyrockets. After all, lackluster results from previous quarters are tolerated with the expectation that the company will make up for shortcomings with a turbo-charged Q4.

In these instances, we’ve found it’s helpful to look at the big picture to deduce what might be irking those higher-ups. What are your company’s goals? How does your manager support that goal? How do you support that goal?

At VenueBook, our employees rally together to support our venue partners through the busy holiday season. Our overarching goal is making sure all the holiday events flowing through our system receive the best booker and venue manager experience. Our tech team is busy fixing bugs and creating new features to push us toward this goal. Our operations team is getting super hands-on with every request, making sure we give the utmost care and attention to every corporate dinner or cocktail party.

When we’re all aligned toward the same goal, there’s a lot of empathy at the company and a lot of hands on deck to help where it’s needed!


Last, but not least, it never hurts to strike up a conversation and commiserate!

Chances are, your boss is a real person too. So whatever you’re worried about this holiday season (e.g. holiday shopping, being interrogated by prying relatives…), you can bet it’s probably on their radar too.

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