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Why Your Company Should Throw a January Holiday Party

Posted by Lyssa Test on Dec 19, 2017 1:11:00 PM
Lyssa Test

People cheersing with champagne at a company holiday party

The two biggest dates for holiday parties are now behind us, but if your company still hasn’t celebrated the holiday season--don’t fret. While December is a popular month for holiday parties, there’s a new trend to postpone the celebration until after the craziness of the holiday season. While you should plan your holiday party around what works best for your company, here are three reasons why you should throw your company holiday party in January.

  1. Finish Out The Year Strong - December can be a crazy month, especially for companies with fiscal years ending in December. A January holiday party can reduce distractions and keep people focused, plus productivity won’t be lost when everyone calls in “sick” the next day either.
  2. Less Competition - With the two most sought after holiday party dates out of the way, you will face less competition getting the venue, date and time that you want. Prices might even be cheaper too!
  3. Add Some Holiday Cheer to an Otherwise Drab Month - After all the festivities in December, January seems a little bland in comparison. Give your employees something to look forward to as they kick off the new year and shrug off the holiday season hangover.

There’s still time to plan a January holiday party for your company! Check out our posts on how to throw a company holiday party and great holiday party themes to inspire you. Or click the button below to explore great venues in your city and find the perfect spot for your holiday party:

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