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Posted by Gabrielle Ricci on Oct 31, 2016 11:00:00 AM
Gabrielle Ricci
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Ah, here we are. The end of October and Q4 is in full swing. In all honesty, I wasn't really sure what to expect out of Q4. In fact, I haven't been sure what to expect in any of the "Qs." As a young professional fresh out of college, I knew that a year is divided into quarters, but I didn't know what each quarter meant in terms of business and revenue. So naturally, I'm the one writing this article. The intern writes the article on Q4. 


As the VenueBook team started gearing up for Q4, they seemed serious. More serious than I thought was necessary. Obviously I didn't think Q4 was that serious since I'm writing this a month in. It wasn't until it actually started that I realized the seriousness was well-deserved. Team VenueBook has buckled down during this high traffic period, and I'm sure things are getting pretty hectic wherever you are.  

I sat down with my girl Anetha (you might know her as the VP of Growth & Strategy here at VB, but I know her as my work mom) and she gave me the scoop on Q4. If you're just as clueless as I was/still am, use some of these key insights to navigate your way through the next two months.

1. Plan ahead to capture all potential revenue

Many industries generate the majority of their revenue during Q4. Because of this, it is important that you are really prepared and have perfect execution. Sit down with your manager, make sure you have a good understanding of the strategy and ask clarifying questions. The more prepared you are, the better. You want to collect as much revenue as humanly possible during the high traffic season.



2. Time management is key (abuse the s#*! out of Google Calendar) 

Q4 is also the time when your senior managers will be taking time off to enjoy their children and old people lives. Make sure you have meetings in advance to discuss when people will be OOO (that's out of office for all you young folks) and when work should be completed. Make sure to discuss what happens in an emergency. Who do you call first when in a jam? Don't forget to take some personal time to plan in advance. Map out your weeks/months, and learn to be autonomous with your work and efficiency.  


3. Start thinking about Q1

Although the traffic volume and revenue won't be the same, the stress test that is Q4 will give you inside information on how to optimize for success in Q1. Utilize the learnings you acquire throughout Q4, and figure out how to apply them to Q1. Run your ideas by your boss, and see what projects you can conquer on your own.


4. Be mindful about the previous year

Create a work New Year's Resolution. What do you do well, and what can you change? Reflect on your work ethic and see what you can improve for the next year. #riseandgrind 


Like most millenials, I just completed a job that I am not qualified to do. Maybe it will help you with the job you're not qualified to do. 

Peace and Chicken Grease,


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